2. Great changes in life...


Great changes in life sometimes start with spontaneous decisions.

After an extremely stressful period at work, when he worked several hours a day, Arek felt that he needed a quick regeneration.

First, a phone call to a friend and a quick decision to leave. How hard it is in these times to harmonize on joint voyages ...

Sometimes you have to get carried away with last minute options.

Spontaneously, with a hint of enthusiasm and madness.

Contrary to what it would be good to do and rational decisions.

 It's a feeling of relief when traveling when you don't have to make efforts.

You have everything provided to the highest standard.

When you can throw off the burden of responsibility and just enjoy the moment ...
So moments of rest in the hotel.

Then Michał comes up with an idea.

I want to meet someone from South America.
He says that he is interested in this culture ...

Arek replied - "Where will you suddenly get someone like this in Poland?" And he bet he will. “I'm the one waiting on the beach. I wish you luck."

Two hours later, Michał shows up with a couple from Brazil and a singer with a guitar in his hand ...
What about the rest? The rest is history.

Suffice it to say that Arek and Michał also visited Brazil.

Hitting a few interesting places in advance It was supposed to be a brief regeneration, but as they say, 'you're not having fun, you're dead' - or something like that.

Although their holidays were "a little" longer, they returned home with a broad smile.

The journey inspired them to start a new venture ...

Only during his return, Arek asked Michał where he got these guests from Brazil.

And he said that they had a really good concierge at this hotel in Gdańsk ...