Our story

The history of the Boutique Residence Gdańsk aparthotel began in 2019. The beginning was simple - we had a vision of creating a place filled with positive emotions, meeting the needs of our future guests.

The first step? Design!

We started working with the best architects and designers in Poland. Lots of conversations, concepts and checking every little detail. An hour long conversation about where the socket for charging the phone should be? Yes, it happened. 30 e-mails and 8 hours of browsing the depths of the Internet in search of the perfect lamp hanging by the bed? Yes, that happened too.

The building we designed is adapted to function independently. We have introduced such systems to ensure safety, convenience and comfort in the use of each apartment. We wanted to use every square meter in our apartments - FUNCTIONALITY. We also wanted the rooms to be relaxing, warm light, comfortable beds - INTIMACY. A guest in a hotel should feel comfortable and feel taken care of - SAFETY.

Once we've got everything, it's time to start with the real work.